Volkner Performance S is an RV with a Bugatti in its belly

Going on a long road trip in a Bugatti Chiron is easier said than done: There are a lot of things to love about the hypercar, but cargo space isn’t one of them. German recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer Volkner has a solution in the form of a big, bus-like motorhome with enough space between its front and rear wheels to house a Chiron.

Volkner’s Performance S looks just like a regular motorhome when you’re stuck behind it in traffic. It’s as big and as boxy as a tour bus, and its front end features antenna-like mirrors. It’s what’s inside the box that’s impressive. The panel between the front and rear passenger-side wheels flips up to reveal a car-sized metal tray that slides out from the underbody. Controlled by a wired remote, it’s big enough to hold a 178.9-inch long and 80.2-inch wide Chiron.

It’s unclear whether Volkner made structural reinforcements to its motorhome in order to accommodate; the space the Chiron sleeps in is normally reserved for lighter items such as luggage. And, while most promotional material shows a Bugatti emerging from the RV’s belly, anything that’s smaller than a Chiron fits; one of the firm’s images depicts a Porsche 911 parked in the storage space. Don’t try to park a Toyota 4Runner under there, however.

Inside, the Performance S looks like a five-star hotel, and it’s bigger than many college dorm rooms. It boasts leather-upholstered seats, cabinets made with real wood, and LED lighting, among other features. Posh vacationers can work directly with the brand to configure an interior that suits their needs. If you splurged on a Chiron, you may as well order your RV with a Burmester surround-sound system that costs nearly €300,000 (about $355,000).

Volkner charges around €2 for the Performance S, which represents approximately $2.3 million at the current conversion rate. Bugatti priced the Chiron at around $2.9 million, so the full package is worth over $5 million.

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