Volkswagen Golf R Evo may debut at Beijing Motor Show

If a report in
Auto Express is correct, a lighter, faster brother to the
Volkswagen Golf R will be shown to the world at the
Beijing Motor Show in April. Said to be called the
Golf R Evo, the even harder hot hatch would be unveiled as one of those concepts that’s practically a de facto presentation of the genuine thing. The Evo in its name will come from having
a carbon fiber roof and CF in the bodywork, lighter wheels, thinner bucket seats up front and a roll cage instead of rear seats.

If there’s a power increase, it’s been described as «a small bump.» However, as the report mentions, if the Jenny Craig regimen can drop 100 kilograms (220 pounds) from the the 3,247-pound weight of the European
Golf R, then the Golf R Evo will do about the same damage on the scales as the
Golf but have at least 50 more horsepower and 44 more pound-feet of torque.

Since we still don’t have the current Golf, this isn’t something that should keep you awake even if the ‘concept’ does become a production model. But it is good to know that the Golf R is really going to start pushing its boundaries.

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