VW recognizes second union at Chattanooga plant

The ongoing story of organizing workers at
Volkswagen’s factory in Chattanooga, TN, continues to get more complicated. Following an independent audit, the automaker has now recognized a second union at the plant called the American Council of Employees.
The group was founded there last year to offer an alternative to the
United Auto Workers.

«I’m not anti-union. I understand that a properly run union can benefit people. We will be that union,» Sean Moss, president of the ACE, said to Reuters, according to
Automotive News. The group claims to represent at least 15 percent of the workers at the plant.

Acceptance of the ACE has led to an interesting situation in Chattanooga because
VW also recognized the UAW at the factory in December 2014, and the group has claimed to represent at least 45 percent of workers there. According to
Automotive News, each union has access to management, but the
UAW has more because of its larger contingent of supporters. However, neither organization has a collective bargaining agreement with the automaker.

Moss may have a rough time increasing support among employees at the factory. According to
Automotive News, many anti-UAW workers there are completely against unions in
general. Getting these folks to join his group isn’t an easy task.

The UAW has been working to fully represent the
VW factory for years. However, the
group lost a vote to do so in 2014. It eventually created a
union local there to try to build support. All of the effort comes ahead of
a $900 million plant expansion to add about 2,000 jobs and build a new crossover in Tennessee.

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