Watch BMW 3 Series drift in Scotland

Drifting is inherently connected with
Japan largely because the sport originally hails from there. That’s why many of the traditionally popular drifting machines are from
Nissan, and
Mazda. However, as long as the rear wheels can spin, you can slide it, no matter where a vehicle is from. For a new video,
Xcar discovers a grassroots contingent in Scotland that specializes in smoking the tires of the
BMW 3 Series.

These guys aren’t running the hugely expensive machines that you see in top events, but they definitely don’t lack for passion to get a car sideways. One guy in the video runs an absolutely insane-looking Nissan-powered E36 3 Series convertible. Another competes in an E30 station wagon with a Toyota engine.

Watching these unconventional drifters out on the track is a cool experience. Clearly, these folks are using what’s around them to fulfill their need for speed, and they look like they’re having a ton of fun doing it.

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