Watch Cal Crutchlow get stung by a wasp on a MotoGP bike ahead of the Jerez Grand Prix

Getting stung by a wasp is bad, no matter when it happens. But getting stung by a wasp while trying to set a fast qualifying run on a 200-mile-per-hour MotoGP
motorcycle? That’s terrible. And that’s exactly the situation Team LCR
Honda rider Cal Crutchlow found himself in ahead of the Jerez
Grand Prix this weekend.

Crutchlow could be seen sitting up during one of his fast laps, then wildly punching at his chest, collarbone, and left arm. Perhaps the best view of the incident is from the so-called butt cam attached to Crutchlow’s own RC213V race bike, which you can see up above.

Apparently, the wasp was never actually located, but Crutchlow says it stung him about five times from his chest to his arm. Fortunately, the pesky stinger didn’t hinder the British rider too much, as he managed to qualify in third for the main event. Fellow Honda rider Dani Pedrosa went on to win the race in front of teammate Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo, who made his podium debut on a

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