Watch Jack White bend a Hemi Cuda to his will in «Freedom at 21» trailer

There are certain things in this world we will love until the day they plant us in the cold, hard clay. B-Movies, cold beer and a good
chase scene all make the cut, as does spine-shivering rock and roll. Jack White has managed to combine at least three of those four in the latest trailer for his «Freedom at 21.» The clip looks as if it were lifted straight from a ’70s grindhouse flick, complete with desolate western back drop, gritty filters and an excellent hero car.

Now, we’ll never pretend to be the last word in vintage Mopar metal, but from the looks of the Sassy Grass Green paint on this particular
Plymouth, it looks like White has found himself behind the wheel of a 1970 Barracuda. Well chosen, sir.

White has established himself as one of this
generation’s icons of rock and roll, and despite what you may think about his approach to making music, there’s no denying the guy’s talent with a guitar. Look for the full feature video to drop on July 16. In the meantime, check out the too-brief
trailer below.

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