We’ve told you Detroit-area streets are car-eaters

A Honda Accord got swallowed up by a street in Hamtramck, Mich., so, ouch. Then Momo Alyafi posted the photos on Facebook, and zoom, it went viral, approaching 7,000 shares and cropping up in lots of other places.

Though, despite the widely held opinion that Detroit-area streets are riddled with potholes, the car did not fall into a pothole. It was an active construction site that been barricaded by utility workers, said Hamtramck police Chief Anne Moise. She told the
Detroit Free Press it was the site of a water-main break that has since been

«The street was properly barricaded, in fact the whole street was blocked,» Moise told the Freep. «The driver apparently went around those barricades and then struck barricades that were surrounding the construction site. … It was all properly posted and barricaded.

«The driver was issued a citation for reckless driving, which is a misdemeanor, and will have to appear in court,» she said.

Reckless, but not wreckless.

The funny thing about the way this has gone viral is that people are appropriating the photo and claiming it’s a pothole in their own town. Just human nature: Everyone thinks their potholes are the biggest.

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